An Instructional Program For Adolescent Activities

Man to Man
Created by:
Charlotte A. Edwards, CFCS
Adolescent Health Specialist
Marshall University - CH 205
Huntington, West Virginia 25755
304-696-6642 FAX 304-696-3177

This is a curriculum designed to enable early adolescent males to think critically
about personal values,
their health and their roles in today's society.

This final graduate project is due in part to the constant pressure from the members of the Home Economics Department at Marshall University. Over the years there have been many helping hands and my sincere thanks goes to each of the following:

To the remaining faculty members I say thank you for your good wishes.

I am appreciative of the opportunity provided by my employment with the Adolescent Health Initiative, which has provided time and support for developing the concept into a working/learning tool.

Also, to my family and close friends I am most grateful. Their support through the years and their incentive plans helped smooth the way for completion.

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Facilitator Resources - Resource 1 - We have a Future to Protect , Resource 2 - Communication Techniques
Resource 3 - Barriers to Effective Communication, Good Listening, Resource 4 - Basic Values,
Resource 5 - Reproductive Organs, Resource 6 - Other Adolescent Changes, Resource 7 - Overview of Early Adolescent Development