An Instructional Program For Adolescent Activities

Man to Man


In the developed countries of our world today, the rate of physical maturation for human beings has increased to a level that is often beyond comprehension. Because of good nutrition and better living standards, the age of puberty has changed in the last 100 years from 17 years of age for boys and girls to 11.5 years of age for girls and 13 years of age for boys. Our children have adult functioning bodies long before cognitive maturation has peaked.

This curriculum was designed to enhance the communication skills of young adolescent males and the significant adult males in their lives, and to begin dialog about the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty.

This module is designed to target early adolescent males and provide them with information and practical experience in communicating their personal values and making appropriate decisions concerning their health and their future.

A. Goals

B. Group Size

C. Time Required

D. Materials Needed

E. Physical Setting

The facility chosen must have enough room to accommodate those registered for the program, a maximum number of 30 participants is ideal. The facility must have ample room for activities and movement. Chairs enough for all and tables for displays would be beneficial. If a meal is to be served, a kitchen area would also be necessary.

F. Resources

G. Promotion

This program may be promoted throughout your community by contacting local newspapers, elementary/middle school newsletters, television personnel, parent/ teacher organizations, local community organizations and agencies, pediatricians, hospitals, community care facilities, etc. Sample letters and promotional materials are included within this module.

H. Evaluations

All participants in the program will complete the evaluation forms provided within this module. (Attachment A) Facilitator will provide anecdotal evaluation of program presented and the level of participation by those in attendance.

I. Lessons Learned