1. EQUALITY means having the same standard for everyone. It means everyone gets the same size piece of cake. Parents who hold this value are likely to place the same importance on girls' athletics as on boys' athletics.

2.SELF-CONTROL means keeping certain desires in check. It means not hitting someone just because you're angry. People who hold this value see that having a good relationship is more important than having sexual intercourse.

3.RESPECT means treating people with the dignity they deserve. It means not putting yourself down. It also means not calling people names. Someone who holds self-respect as a value will not let anyone use his or her own body for sex.

4.RESPONSIBILITY means answering for your own actions and taking care of obligations. It means coming to work on time. Someone who holds this value will not invite a friend over without permission when babysitting.

5.HONESTY means telling the truth. It means not cheating on a test. People who hold this value will not say "I love you" just to get sex.

6.PROMISE-KEEPING means being true to your word. It means calling a friend when you say you are going to call. Young people who hold this value will come home at the time they say they will.

7.SELF-RESPECT means liking yourself. Having so much respect for yourself that you guard your own best interests. Includes concern.

8.DEPENDABILITY means keeping your word. Doing what you promise to do. Going where you say you are going. It is not just wanting a pet but caring for a pet.

9.TRUSTWORTHINESS means taking care not to destroy the good reputation of another person. It means that parents can count on you to do what is right.

10. JUSTICE and FAIRNESS mean being responsible toward the whole community. It means not playing dirty to win a game. People who hold this value will not produce movies and TV programs that treat men and women as sex objects.