A developmental task is a task that arises at or about a certain period in life, unsuccessful achievement of which leads to inability to perform tasks associated with the next period or stage in life.

Developmental Task

1. Learning to get along with friends of both sexes.


2. Accepting one's physical body and keeping it healthy.


3. Becoming more self-sufficient.


4. Making decisions about marriage and family life.


5 Preparing for a job or career.


6. Acquiring a set of values to guide behavior.


7. Becoming socially responsible.

Nature of Task

To learn to look upon girls as women and boys as men; to become an adult among adults; to learn to work with others for a common purpose, disregarding personal feelings; to lead without dominating.

To accept one's body; to keep it healthy through good nutrition, exercise, disease prevention, and other health practices.

To develop affection for parents without dependence upon them; to develop respect for older adults without dependence upon them.

To explore attitudes toward family life and having children; to acquire the knowledge necessary for home management and, if desired, child rearing.

To develop career/vocational goals and ways to reach these goals; to be able to make a living.

To develop an outlook toward life based on what is important.

To participate as a responsible person with friends at home, and in the community; to develop personal moral values to guide behavior.

Adapted from Havighurst, R.