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Step-by-Step Enrollment Information

*This link will take you through all the steps you must take in order to enroll as a practitioner in the WV Birth to Three system. 

Information for Enrolled Practitioners

*Just enrolled in the WV Birth to Three system? This link will guide you through everything you need to know to get started.

Enrollment Forms

        Criminal Background Check

General Practitioner Information

        Practitioner Service Directory
        How to change your email, phone number, and address on the
        Service Directory
        Enrollment Forms
        Billing Information
        Competency Testing
        Internet Compatibility Issues pdf
          If you are having difficulty viewing Enrollment Forms on the CSC-Covansys
          website, please click link. 


        WVBTT Orientation Training new
        Other Training Opportunities
        WVSTARS Registry new

Technical Assistance

        Standard Documentation/Forms
        Technical Assistance Bulletins
        Technical Assistance Coordinators - Regional Map   
        Questions from the Field
        Personal Safety Guidelines Handout  
        Code of Ethics - National Association for the Education of Young Children
            (NAEYC) PDF  

Family-Centered Practices

The National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC) has published a series of documents based on a national workgroup's consensus on the key principles and practices for providing early intervention services in natural environments.

Child and Family Outcomes

*West Virginia's Making a Difference Initiative is a comprehensive process to measure outcomes for families and children who receive early intervention services through WV Birth to Three under Part C of IDEA.

Communications to the Field - Statewide Emails

*Statewide emails contain announcements, reminders or clarification on topics/issues concerning WV Birth to Three. These are sent periodically to all practitioners and service coordinators according to their posted email address in the service directory. If your email address is current and are still not able to receive statewide emails, please contact