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Tips for WVBTT Webinar Participations

Early Intervention: A Routines Based Approach – Part 1: Traditional vs Routines

Early Intervention: A Routines-based Approach - Part 2: What Intervention Can-and Should-Look Like

Early Intervention: A Routines Based Approach – Part 3: Changing the Mindset

Not Born Addicted  -  This presentation will introduce the learner to the infant experience of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.  The learner will hear about prevention, causes, treatment, pharmacology, and the psychology of disease Presenter: Cara Gazdik, MSN/Ed, RN, CEN, NREMT - WV Birth to Three Social Emotional Guest Lecture Series.  

Impact of Vision and/or Hearing Loss on Child Development and Learning - How do children learn? How do they develop concepts that will the foundations for all learning?  What happens to this develop. if the child has a vision or hearing loss.  This training will provide an overview of the distant senses:  vision and hearing. Presentation will include the development of vision and hearing in “typical” children and the impact on child development,  communication and social emotional development when there is impairment in either or both sense(s).  Participants will experience various sensory losses and discuss effective interventions and environmental adaptations that can be made to provide access to opportunities.  Presenter: Annette Carey – WV Birth to Three Social Emotional Guest Lecture Series

WV BTT Online - A How-to on WV Three's New Data System (VIDEO)
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