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Come Grow with Us!
Making a Difference for Children and Families through Statewide Systems Improvement

Come Grow with Us is WV Birth to Three’s statewide initiative to support quality early intervention services for children and families. What happens in the first years of life matters for a lifetime. For that reason, the U.S. Department of Education has required every state’s early intervention program to develop, implement and evaluate a six year State Systems Improvement Plan (SSIP) to insure that all children in early intervention are making developmental progress.

With input from many stakeholders, WV Birth to Three has selected to focus on activities that will help families to promote positive social emotional outcomes for their infants and toddlers.

This page is designed to provide ongoing updates for families, service providers and community partners around the activities included in the Come Grow with Us initiative. The page will provide links to webinars and other resources that are available to all families, providers, and community partners.

Mission and Key Principles 

Come Grow with Us Webinars 

State Systems Improvement Planning

State Systems Improvement Plan (SSIP) Implementation Teams

Theory of Action Overview

WV Birth to Three Child Outcome Data

States report data annually on the progress under three national outcome measures for infants and toddlers who received early intervention services.

Family Outcome Measures

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State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report

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Your Input is Important!

Resources for Promoting Social Emotional Development

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