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Year 2000 West Virginia Physician Report


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Dr. Henry Taylor, M.D., M.P.H., Commissioner, West Virginia Bureau for Public Health is pleased to provide this report on Medical Doctors and Osteopathic Physicians for the Year 2000. This report is presented in partial fulfillment of the annual report of the Uniform Health Professions Data System required under West Virginia code section §16-1-7(r).

The data in the tables linked to this web page were provided to the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health by administrative and technical staff of the respective boards. For information about licensure or licensure requirements, please contact the appropriate board.

Requests for specific statistics, as well as any questions regarding this report, should be forwarded to the address below:

West Virginia Health Statistics Center
Room 165
350 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301-3701
Phone: (304) 558-1754;   FAX: (304) 558-1787

Presented by the Health Statistics Center under the auspices of:

Bob Wise

Paul L. Nusbaum
Secretary, Department of Health and Human Resources

Henry G. Taylor, M.D., M.P.H.
Commissioner, Bureau for Public Health

Alan P. Holmes
Director, Office of Epidemiology and Health Promotion

Daniel M. Christy, Director
Health Statistics Center

Report Preparation:

Philip Simmons, Programmer/Analyst

WEB Conversion:

Dale A. Porter, Associate Director, OEHP


The West Virginia Health Statistics Center has received the license renewal data for Doctors of Medicine (MDs) from the Board of Medicine and for the Doctors of Osteopathy (DOs) from the Board of Osteopathy on a yearly basis since 1994. The tables in this document present data on physicians who have a primary practice site in West Virginia and have an active license. In the year 2000 there are 3,515 MDs and 488 DOs that meet these criteria. Counties and districts were used as units of tabulation. West Virginia's 55 counties were grouped into eight planning and development districts.

Table of Contents

    Statistics for Doctors of Medicine (MDs)

  • Table 1: MDs by Gender
  • Table 2: MDs by Age Group
  • Table 3: MDs by Primary Setting of Employment
  • Table 4: MDs Primary and Secondary Specialties
  • Table 5: MDs Form of Employment by Setting
  • Table 6: MDs Population and Distribution
  • Table 7: MDs Principal Form of Employment
  • Table 8: MDs Primary Care Specialties
  • Table 9: MDs Primary Setting of Employment
  • Table 10: MDs Principal Form of Employment
  • Table 11: MDs Age-Interval Distribution
  • Table 12: MDs County Distribution
  • Table 13: MDs Medical Schools of Graduation
  • Table 14: MDs Medical School Location
    • Statistics for Doctors of Osteopathy (DOs)

  • Table 15: DOs Primary Setting of Employment
  • Table 16: DOs Number by Primary Specialty
  • Table 17: DOs Population and Distribution
  • Table 18: DOs Principal Form of Employment
  • Table 19: DOs Primary Care Specialties
  • Table 20: DOs Primary Setting of Employment
  • Table 21: DOs Primary Specialty by Principal County of Practice
  • Table 22: DOs Principal Form of Employment
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