Dementia: The Growing Crisis in West Virginia

Executive Summary
Overview of Dementia
Types of Dementia
Prevalence of Dementia
Cost of Dementia
Risk Factors for Dementia
Prevention of Dementia
Diagnosis of Dementia
Treatment of Dementia
Diagnosis in Hospital Records
Dementia Mortality
Dementia Research

Hospitalization Rates by County of Residence

Mortality Rates by Type of Dementia and Gender

Dementia Mortality by County of Residence

Credits and Acknowledgements

Credits and Acknowledgements

Report Written By

Eugenia Thoenen, Program Manager
Statistical Services Unit, HealthStatisticsCenter

Health Statistics Center Statistical Staff

James Doria, Epidemiologist

Fred King, BRFSS Coordinator

Thomas N. Leonard, M.S., Programmer/Analyst

Tom Light, Programmer

Philip Simmons, M.S., Programmer/Analyst

Additional Acknowledgment

Penelope Baughman, M.P.A., West Virginia Health Care Authority

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Hard Copy Published February 2005