Income Maintenance Manual

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Income Maintenance Manual 

Chapter 1 Application/Redetermination Process
Chapter 2 The Case Maintenance Process
Chapter 3 Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS)
Chapter 4 Verification
Chapter 5 Resource Development
Chapter 6 Client Notification
Chapter 7 WV CHIP
Chapter 8 Common Eligibility Requirements
Chapter 9 Eligibility Determination Groups
Chapter 10 Income
Chapter 11 Assets
Chapter 12 Determining Disability, Incapacity and Blindness
Chapter 13 Work Requirements
Chapter 14 Specific SNAP Program Requirements
Chapter 15 Specific TANF, WV WORKS, AFDC and AFDC-Related Medicaid Requirements
Chapter 16 Specific Medicaid Requirements
Chapter 17 Long Term Care
Chapter 18 Aliens, Refugees and Citizenship
Chapter 19 Emergency and Special Assistance Programs
Chapter 20 Benefit Repayment
Chapter 21 Benefit Replacement
Chapter 22 Medicare Buy-In Procedure
Chapter 23 Medicaid Work Incentive
Chapter 24 WV WORKS Activities/Requirements
Chapter 25 SNAP Employment & Training
Chapter 26 Low Income Energy Assistance Program
Chapter 27 Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
Chapter 28 Special Pharmacy


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