Income Maintenance Manual

Chapter 19
Emergency and Special Assistance Programs

C19 -TOC Table of Contents
19.1 Definitions
19.2 Emergency  Assistance
19.3 Reserved for Future Use
19.4 Reserved for Future Use
19.5 Indigent Burial Program
19.6 Reserved for Future Use
19.7 Special Reduced Residential Service Rate (20% Utility Discount Program)
19.8 Tel-Assistance/Lifeline
Appendix A Emergency Assistance Income Limits
Appendix B Reserved for Future Use
Appendix C

Hospitals with Border Status for Medicaid  

Appendix D

Public Forms
DFA-67-A - Burial Billing
DFA-BU-1 - Application for Burial Benefits
DFA-BU-2 - Affidavit of Responsible Relative
DFA-EA-1- Application for Emergency Assistance
DFA-TA-2 - Tel-Assistance/Lifeline Application
DFA-TA-3 - Tel-Assistance/Lifeline Fact Sheet


Appendix E

Reserved for Future Use


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