Income Maintenance Manual

Chapter 12
Determining Disability, Incapacity and Blindness 
C12 -TOC Table of Contents
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Definitions of Disability and Blindness
12.3 Process for Determining Disability, Incapacity and Blindness
12.4 Determination of Disability or Blindness without Medical Reports of Social Summary
12.5 Client Has Been Found Not Disabled by SSA
12.6 Application Procedures when SSA Determination of Disability is Involved
12.7 Procedures When SSA's Final Disability Decision is Made After Medicaid Approval
12.8 Obtaining Medical Reports
12.9 Presumptive Medical Approval
12.10 Referral to the Medical Review Team (MRT)
12.11 Action Following Receipt of the Final MRT Decision
12.12 Client's Rights in the Determination Process
12.13 Reevaluation of Disability, Incapacity or Blindness
12.14 Reapplications
12.15 Establishing Disability for the SNAP
Appendix A Presumptive Approval - SSI-Related Medicaid and M-WIN, Age 18 or Over
Appendix B Presumptive Approval - SSI-Related Medicaid and M-WIN, Under Age 18
Appendix C Presumptive Approval - WV WORKS

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