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Page Modified: Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Casework Process

Child Protective Services workers are responsible for:

The purpose of all investigations is to assure the safety of the child. If the safety of the child can be assured while the child is residing with his/her parents then the Department will not seek to remove the child.

The casework process which is used in the provision of CPS is as follows:

The outcome of each step in this process depends upon the information which is gathered by Department staff. For example: if the report of alleged abuse or neglect does not fall under the definition in the state statute then an investigation will not be conducted. Or, if an investigation is conducted and there is no risk of future maltreatment then a case will not be opened.

If a case is opened then the Department will provide services to reduce the risk to the child so that the child can remain with his/her parents. If it is not safe for a child to remain with his/her parents then the Department will arrange another permanent living arrangement such as adoption.

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