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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is adoption?
2. Can I adopt a child through West Virginia Human Services?
3. Can I adopt a healthy infant through West Virginia Human Services?
4. What are Special Needs children?
5. What is foster care?
6. Why is a child placed in foster care?
7. Who are the children in foster care?
8. How do children in foster care behave?
9. Who can become a adoptive parent?
10. What are the general guidelines to be a adoptive parent?
11. Are foster children ever adopted?
12. How long does it take to adopt a child through Human Services?
13. Once a family is chosen for a child, does the child move right in with them?
14. What is Trial Adoption?
15. In order to adopt, do children need individual bedrooms?
16. What will I know about the child placed in my home?
17. What if a child has habits different from our family?
18. Once the child is placed in a family’s home, how long will it be before the adoption can become legal?
19. Is financial help available for adoptive parents to care for children?
20. Are there supports for adoptive parents?
21. What if I am still unsure if I want to become an adoptive parent?







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