Office of Nutrition Services

Orientation Checklist

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All Staff

Date Completed/Initials of Staff Observing Task to Complete
  Become familiar with P&P Manual
  Read Best Practices Guidelines for Optimal Customer Service
  Observe intake and draft processing procedures
  WIC approved formulas, Warehouse, WIC formula policies
  Certification forms and national codes
  Documentation of birth
  ID Folders
  Chart Order
  Vendor Management: Watch videos
  Civil Rights and non-discrimination statement

Additional Training for Nutrition/CPA STAFF

Date Completed/Initials of Staff Observing Task to Complete
  Follow/Observe participants from sign-in through issuance of drafts
  Observe Nutrition Counseling
  Observe Group Nutrition Education Class
  Observe Breastfeeding class
  Minimum nutrition ed contacts and documentation in STORC
  Nutrition Risk Criteria
  Dietary Assessment (24-hour recall, food frequency, questionnaire, diet history)
  Food package tailoring
  Individualized high risk nutrition care plans, progress notes
  High Risk Policy
  Food Code Book
  Review Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Training program material or attend next scheduled class
  Read Nutrition Risk Criteria Notebook

Specific As Job Duties Require

Date Completed/Initials of Staff Observing Task to Complete
  Read Hematology Training Manual
  Complete STORC Training at State Office
  Complete Anthro Training at State Office
  BFPC Training
  Train/work with BFPC

ONS HOMEPAGE - print-friendly version