An Instructional Program For Adolescent Activities

How to Recognize and Stop Sexual Harassment


Case Study Scenario

1. John and his classmates were happy to go on a special swimming trip sponsored by their school. Their school was quite old and did not have a swimming pool.

After swimming for a short time, John decided to get out to buy a soda. As he walked around the outside of the pool, two of his male friends ran up on either side of him, grabbed the waist of his swim trunks, and pulled them down to his knees.

2. A junior high gym teacher became very angry if his students were tardy for class. He made them do extra exercises as punishment for their tardiness. The boys had to do push-ups while the girls watched; the girls had to do jumping-jacks in front of the boys.

3. During a powder-puff football game (in which the girls play football and the boys cheer), the male cheerleaders yelled cheers about the girl's "tits" and "asses" to an audience of students, parents, and school staff.

4. During lunch break, female students walk down the hallway and make comments about the girls' appearance as they pass. They rate the girls on a scale of 1-10.

5. As an extra-credit project for drama class, two students brought in an R-rated video for the class to watch. The video contained sexually violent and explicit scenes. It took three class periods to watch the whole movie. One of the students felt very uncomfortable during the movie and complained.

6. Between classes and during lunch break, it isn't uncommon to see couples making out (kissing, hugging, touching) in the school hallways. Some students ignore; some students laugh about it; some students feel embarrassed about it.