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Would my visit at a WV Family Planning Program clinic really be confidential?

  Yes. Federal Title X regulations require clinics to assure patient confidentiality and to provide safeguards against invasion of personal privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974. No information about you can be given to anyone without your written consent. This means that if someone calls the clinic asking if you had been seen there, clinic staff are not permitted to reveal any information at all.

If I am an adolescent seeking confidential services, do I need to know my family's income and insurance information?

  No. An adolescent seeking confidential services is considered a family size of one with a monthly income of zero. Your family's insurance will not be billed.


Do I have to go to a WV Family Planning Program clinic in my county?

  No. There are no residential requirements for services at WV Family Planning Program clinics. You may go to any Program clinic you choose.


Can men be seen in a WV Family Planning Program clinic?

  Yes. Men who meet income guidelines are eligible and encouraged to take advantage of the WV Family Planning Program services.

Can I still qualify for the program if I have insurance?

  Yes. If your insurance does not provide adequate coverage for reproductive health (gynecological) exams and/or birth control supplies, and you meet program income requirements, you are eligible.


What if I have Medicaid?

  People who have regular Medicaid coverage are automatically eligible to receive the WV Family Planning Program funded services. However, the WV Family Planning Program does not pay for services received by individuals enrolled in Medicaid managed care through an HMO such as The Health Plan or CareLink. Instead, HMOs pay for family planning services for people enrolled in the plans.


What if I am not sexually active yet?

  The WV Family Planning Program serves many healthy adolescents and young adults who are not yet ready to engage in sexual activity but are curious about it. Clinics can provide counseling and education about all matters of general and reproductive health including abstinence, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, dating violence, etc. Many teens request information while they are at a clinic to have a sports physical.


 What if I want to become pregnant but am having difficulty?

  The WV Family Planning Program makes basic infertility services available to women and men who desire such services. Basic infertility services consist of an initial infertility interview, education, physical examination, counseling and appropriate referral. More involved infertility services such as semen analysis and assessment of ovulatory function, etc. are not financially supported by the WV Family Planning Program.


How can I find out which method of birth control would be best for me?

  Before prescribing and providing you contraceptives, a clinician will review with you the range of birth control methods available. To help you make an informed choice, you will learn about the various benefits, effectiveness, possible side effects, correct use, how to discontinue the method and the need for follow-up visits.


What is emergency contraception? Is it available through a WV Family Planning Program clinic?

  Emergency contraception is just that - contraception. The WV Family Planning Program makes available emergency contraceptive pills which are a concentrated dose of ordinary birth control hormones to reduce the risk of pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, suspected  contraceptive failure or sexual assault.

  Since emergency contraceptive pills contain the same hormones as ordinary birth control pills, their mode of action is the same as for all other hormonal methods of contraception. Emergency contraceptive pills cannot interrupt or disrupt an established pregnancy and must not be confused with the abortion pill mifepristone (RU-486).

  Emergency contraceptive pills are available either on-site or by referral at all WV Family Planning Program clinics. Advance prescription is also available for clients who use barrier method contraceptives.


Can I go to a West Virgnia Family Planning Program clinic the first time just for a pregnancy test?

  Yes. The first visit to a WV Family Planning Program clinic for many people is to have a pregnancy test performed. If your test results are negative, you will be given information about the availability of family planning services and offered an appointment to return for a clinical exam.


How can I find out more about STD's and where STD clinics are located?

Contact the WV Bureau for Public Health, STD Program at (304) 558-2950. Also, information about sexually transmitted diseases is available on some of the related links.