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WV Family Planning Program - Sliding Fee Scale


Women, men and adolescents of reproductive age who want to avoid pregnancy or want to become pregnant are eligible. Family planning helps establish a plan for reproductive health to assist you in determining the number and spacing of your children.
You may be eligible for free or low-cost family planning services if you:

      • Work at an entry-level, temporary, minimum-wage, or other low-paying job

      • Are unemployed

      • Are a student

      • Can’t afford birth control after paying for basic needs

      • Don’t have health insurance

      • Have health insurance that doesn’t cover birth control or other

           family planning services


Free Contraceptive Methods

  • Intrauterine device (ParaGard® Copper T380A) (Mirena®)

  • Hormonal implants (Nexplanon®)

  • Birth control shots (Depo-Provera®)

  • Contraceptive ring (NuvaRing®)

  • Contraceptive patch (Ortho Evra®)

  • Birth control pills

  • Foam and condoms

  • Diaphragms (Ortho ALL-FLEX® Arcing Spring)

  • Vaginal Contraceptive Film

  • Emergency contraceptive pills (Plan B®)

  • Natural family planning

  • Abstinence information

  • Surgical sterilization (tubal ligation and vasectomy)


No one is denied services because of an inability to pay.