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Bureau for Public Health Strategic Plan 2003-2006

Building a Healthy Future through Planning

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Looking at a variety of data and information, the following broad themes/trends were noted as critical for consideration in BPH planning and setting of future direction.

A tighter fiscal environment is anticipated.
Realization of fewer and fewer state resources in West Virginia and other states in coming years. Serious cuts are likely.

Several critical workforce issues emerge:

  • Aging of PH workforce-significant percent of staff eligible for retirement in next five years.
  • Critical need to be able to recruit and retain qualified workforce.
  • Enhanced skills for workforce of future-planning, management, process improvement, etc.
  • Need for incentives/rewards/recognition/ career development.
  • Employee wellness issues-need to serve as a role model for healthy work sites.

Room for process improvements exist.
Certain processes could be streamlined. Some are within our jurisdiction to change, others not.

Increasing focus nationally and in state on accountability-fiscal and programmatic.
Need to evaluate impact of work/be able to track progress on processes and outcomes beyond simply services delivered.

Several facility issues are present or emerging:
  • space
  • making office/work site more user-friendly to employees and customers
  • safety (OLS, OCME, etc.)

Setting clear organizational direction, communicating this clearly, and enhancing skills to accomplish it is important.

  • Importance of all knowing and living by vision/mission/values
  • Importance of working collaboratively towards defined organizational goals
  • Need organizational planning and planning skills to be a routine part of what we do at all levels
  • Internal communication critical-what's happening within DHHR; why actions taken, etc.

The image/understanding of public health is important and needs work.
Need internal and external marketing: Helping all understand public health mission, how it impacts them, and how they fit in.

New issues are emerging that require or benefit from cross-bureau and cross-agency collaboration.
Bioterrorism, Birth to Three, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Disease State Management, etc.

There is interest in and a need to be more customer focused.
This is a priority of the administration; interest in and need for this expressed by staff throughout organization.

Maximizing internal and external partnerships and opportunities to network is critical.
Learned and heard the value of this through the planning process; feel this will be even more critical given current fiscal environment.

Blackwater Falls

Adopted October 2003.

Last Modified: 1/5/2011