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Room 165
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The HSC offices are located in the Diamond Building at 350 Capitol Street in downtown Charleston. Below are two maps in PDF format showing the Diamond Building location. Map 1 is of the general Charleston area and Map 2 is more detailed of the downtown area and gives street traffic flow (one way/two way) designations.

Map 1

Map 2

Special Data Requests

Most of the data available from the HSC are contained in one or more of HSC publications in the commonly requested breakouts. Occasionally, there may be unique and specific needs that are not contained in the reports. The HSC will try to make reasonable accommodation to persons or organizations making special requests.

There is no charge for most special requests; however, should the request involve a large amount of staff time (such as manually pulling records), it may be necessary to negotiate a research agreement to cover the expense.

The HSC will review all requests to determine if there is a potential for a breach of confidentiality. The HSC will also review the results before releasing the data to determine if information is misleading or inappropriate. This usually results from frequencies and events that are too small to accurately reflect a situation. For requests that involve small numbers, it is often necessary to combine multiple years of data to obtain statistically valid result.

When making special requests, please remember:

Only information that is collected on birth and death certificates can be provided in summary form (no personal identifiers). The HSC does not have access to morbidity data.

Information for a specific calendar year will not be provided until after the vital statistics report for that year is published. Vital statistics information is published as soon as practical, but out-of-state records on West Virginia residents must be received before data analysis can be accomplished.

Please have a clear idea of what you want. For example: asking for the number of births that occurred in Kanawha County is different than the number of births to Kanawha County residents.

To make a request, call or write the Health Statistics Center as listed in the left hand column.

The Health Statistics Center is a Division of:
The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources DHHR
Bureau for Public Health BPH

This page was last updated 11/10/05.
If you have questions or comments about the HSC, please send them to: Health Statistics Center at "dhhrvitalreg@wv.gov"