An Instructional Program For Adolescent Activities

How to Recognize and Stop Sexual Harassment



Your gender is (circle one): MALE - FEMALE

What grade are you in? ___________

How much time was spent on this course on sexual harassment?

Was the course: ____ too long ____ too short ____ just right

The amount of information was: ____ too much ____ too little ____ just right

Please answer the following questions about your course on SEXUAL HARASSMENT. For each statement:

Circle 5 if you strongly agree

Circle 3 if you agree

Circle 1 if you strongly disagree

I learned a lot I didn't know before 5 3 1
The course held my interest 5 3 1
Things I learned are useful to my life now 5 3 1
Things I learned will be useful to my life in the future 5 3 1
The course will help our school now 5 3 1
The course will help our school in the future 5 3 1
The teacher(s) was prepared 5 3 1
I could understand the information being presented 5 3 1
The handouts were interesting and helpful 5 3 1
The activities were interesting and helpful 5 3 1

Complete these sentences:


* The most helpful activity was ____________________________________________________________________




* My least favorite activity was ____________________________________________________________________


Why was this your least favorite activity? _____________________________________________________________________




Have your beliefs about male and female roles, relationships, etc., changed because of this course? ____ Yes ____ No

Please explain:





What improvements would you make to this course?





What would you like your school to do next about sexual harassment? Check as many as apply:


____ Offer support groups for victims.

____ Offer groups for harassers to make them more aware of how their behavior affects other people.

____ Require all students, teachers, staff, and parents to learn about sexual harassment.

____ Make sure victims know about community resources that can help them.


Would you recommend this course to someone else? ____ Yes ____No





Give an example of something you plan to change in your own life as a result of this course.



Name one thing you would like to change about the way the information was presented.



Thank you for completing this evaluation!