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Supports in Community Settings

Families of eligible infants and toddlers receive WV Birth to Three services and supports in natural environments - places where they live, learn and play. WV Birth to Three services are provided in natural environments to assist a child with special needs to participate in naturally occurring learning opportunities throughout the day.  Naturally occurring learning opportunities are present during activities that an infant or toddler would typically do with  their family, friends or other caregivers.

Natural environments might include:

Children have many opportunities for participating and learning during activities of the day: 

How can a family decide what types of services and supports will be helpful to their family and child?

After a child is determined to be eligible in the Birth to Three system, a service coordinator and other team members help the family gather the information the family wants to make decisions about how they can help their child. Team members will assist the family to think about questions such as:

They might also help the family think about how they would like to be linked to other community resources, people or activities.

After the family has a chance to think about these things, they will develop together, with their other team members, an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). This plan is a place to write down the goals that a family has for their child and themselves. The plan also includes the things that people can do to support the child and family in achieving their goals, where they live, learn and play.