Income Maintenance Manual

Chapter 19
Emergency and Special Assistance Programs 

C19 -TOC Table of Contents
19.1 Definitions
19.2 Emergency  Assistance
19.3 Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
19.4 Reserved for Future Use
19.5 Indigent Burial Program
19.6 Reserved for Future Use
19.7 Public Utility Program
19.8 Tel-Assistance and Verizon's Enhanced Tel-Assistance Plan
19.9 Link-Up America
19.10 Transportation Remuneration Incentive Program
19.11 Income Chart
Appendix A Emergency Assistance Income
Appendix B WV Counties Served by AEP
Appendix C Counties Served by WV-American Water Company
Appendix D Border Hospitals
Appendix F PSC-Regulated LIEAP Vendors