Income Maintenance Manual

Chapter 13
Work Requirements

C13 -TOC Table of Contents
13.1 Introduction
13.2 General Food Stamp Work Requirements and Exemptions
13.3 Food Stamp Voluntary Quit
13.4 Food Stamp Employment and Training (FSE&T)
13.5 Other Food Stamp Work Requirements
13.6 Food Stamp Work Requirement Penalties
13.7 WV WORKS Requirements:  Effect of the Work Aspect on Eligibility
13.8 Determining WV WORKS Temporary Exemptions
13.9 WV WORKS Sanctions
13.10 Good Cause for Failure to Participate for WV WORKS
13.11 Effect of WV WORKS Sanction on Food Stamps
13.12 Effect of WV WORKS Sanction on Medicaid
13.13 Medicaid Work Requirements