Behavioral Consultant Services

A Behavior Consultant is a person with experience in behavior guidance and child development. The Behavior Consultant is available to consult with: in-home providers, Family Child Care Facilities, Child Care Centers, Pre-K, Head Start, After School programs, and parents about ideas, activities, suggestions, and resources on many different subject areas. These subject areas include child development, developmental disabilities and delays, family studies, special education, developmentally appropriate practices, environment, positive discipline, behavior guidance, community resources, and more.

How can a Behavioral Consultant help me?

The Behavior Consultants provide their services free of charge. Assistance can be offered to you through phone conversations, sending informational packets to you based on requested subject areas, or a visit to your location to discuss your needs and observe the situation of concern. Contact the consultant as soon as you become aware of a concern. No issue is too minor. Remember - the Behavioral Consultant is here to support you - they are not Child Care Monitors or Licensing Specialists - every consultation is confidential.

How do I contact a Behavioral Consultant?

If you have any questions please call 304-485-2668, or toll free at 1-866-485-2668, and ask for:
Meagann Morris,