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Tattoo Studios


During the 2010 Legislative Session, the West Virginia Legislature amended 16-38-3 (a) 4 of the Code of West Virginia, Tattoo Studio Business which now requires all Tattoo Studios to discuss risk factors determined by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) , including the potential that a tattoo may  interfere with the clinical reading of a magnetic resonance imaging study (MRI)  with all patrons prior to the administration of a tattoo.  THIS LAW BECOMES EFFECTIVE JUNE 9, 2010.   

Tattoo Studios are permitted in their respective county by the Local Health Department.

Unlike many Environmental Health programs whose regulations are based on Legislative Rules, the regulation for tattoo studios is simply the West Virginia Code, Chapter 16, Section 38.  Click here for a copy of Section 38 - Tattoo Studio Business.

Tattoo artists are required to keep records of every tattoo given to every client.  Every client must also be given oral and written notification providing detailed after care instructions for the tattoo.


Tattoo Studio Business Forms

  • SG-49 - Application for Body Piercing Studio Permit from Local Health Department

There is not currently a plan review form required for tattoo studios, however the studio must be in compliance with West Virginia State Code 16-38 Tattoo Studio Business.