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Public Health Sanitation Division


Responsible for developing, administering, and implementing a statewide program designed and dedicated to the eradication, control, and constant improvement of environmental and public health sanitation factors that may, through direct or indirect causes, adversely affect the health and well-being of people.

Hepititis A Infomation for Food Establishment Managers and Employees:

Disnfection of Food Establishments    Click here

Employee Health Guide (SF-7D)   Click here


Information on the Hepititis A Outbreak  


 USEPA SepticSmart Week September 17-21, 2018

                 Click Here for more information

Senate Bill 375 - Relating to Farmers Market    Click Here

SF-4 Guidelines for Operating a Temporary Food Establishment    Click here

64CSR56 Infectious Medical Waste Rule   Click here

Senate Bill 387 - Herd Sharing    Click Here

FSIS Guidance for Controlling Listeria in Retail Delis  Click here to check out more information.



Food Handlers Procedure:

F-17 Minimum Guidelines for Food Handler Training - Click here for more information



Fairs and Festivals:


   Registration Form for Fairs and Festivals - Click here for form




On-line Applications and Payment Options:

On-line Application and Payment Option for Renewal of Infectious Medical Waste Facility Permit

    Click here for information on On-Line Application and Payment

New or Renewal for Permit to Distribute Bottled Water Click here for instructions

New or Renewal for Body Piercing Technician Certificate of Registration   Click here for instructions



Informational Links:

Click here for Information on Bed Bugs



New or Updated WV Code or Code of State Rules:

WV Code 16-2-16 Food handler Examinations and Cardsó Click here for link to WV Code 16-2-16.


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NOTICE: Forms and applications available on this website may NOT include all information required by your local health department. You MUST contact your Local Health Department to receive additional information (i.e., fees involved, additional permits, etc). 

Forms available on this site are in PDF Format (requires Acrobat Reader).

Site Updated: June 27, 2018.

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