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Environmental Health Procedures Manual




Procedure Number
A-1 Organizational Chart - Department of Health and Human Resources
                                    - Bureau for Public Health  
A-2 Organizational Chart - Office of Environmental Health Services 12/2013
A-3 District Office Maps 2015
A-4 Function Summary - Local, District, & State 02/02/11
A-5 Communications - State/Local Environmental Health Liaison Group  
A-6 Environmental Health Staff Directory 10/5/18
A-7 (Vacant)  
A-8 DHSEM and Local County Emergency Contact Information 01/16
A-9 Issuance of Environmental Health Procedures Manual Memos 11/02/07
A-10 Information Bulletin 12/16/85
A-11 REPEALED:  Appropriation Request Objectives & Performance Measures 12/04/07
A-12 REPEALED:  Communications 12/04/07
A-13 REPEALED:  Program Budgeting 12/04/07
A-14 Code Numbers 05/31/00
A-15 Permit Coding System 05/13/15
A-16 SG-61 Sanitarianís Monthly Activity Report and Guidelines for Completing SG-61 06/06/01
A-17 Frequency of Inspections or Sampling 12/07/15
A-18 Guidelines for Conducting Inspections and Investigations 03/01/96
A-19 Social Security Numbers Required for Licenses 06/07/06
A-20 Freedom of Information Act and Nuisance Complaint Investigation 02/08/85
A-21 REPEALED:  Enactment of Senate Bill 379 / Fees for Services
64 CSR 51 Fees for Service Rule
A-22 Guidelines for Posting and Filing of Sanitation Records 06/10/13
A-23 REPEALED:  Guidelines for Collecting Fees for Environmental Health Permits and Services
64 CSR 51 Fees for Service Rule
A-24 Release of Complainants Name 11/12/87
A-25 Index to Environmental Sanitation Forms (SG-74) 04/15/97
A-26 Anonymous Nuisance Complaints 02/27/96
A-27 Local Health Department Request for Assistance 06/2016


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