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West Virginia Public Health Sanitation Division
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Driving Directions

Office of Environmental Health Services

Public Health Sanitation Division
Central Office


Take I-77 / I-64 to Exit 100 - Leon Sullivan Way.
On the exit ramp two lanes merge, you want to be in the left lane. 
As you approach the stop light at the bottom of the ramp, merge into the middle or right lane.

Turn right onto Washington Street and travel for two blocks.

350 Capitol Street (formerly known as the Diamond Building) lies between Capitol and Summers Streets.

The public entrance is located on Capital Street. Our offices are located on the Third Floor.  You will need to check in at the security desk. They will ask whom you have come to see and contact us to escort you.


Limited curb parking is available at metered spaces on Summers and Capitol Streets.
Note:  Capitol Street is one way - onto Washington Street.  You have to turn left on Summers Street to circle around and park on Capitol.

Two municipal parking garages are available nearby, charging by the hour for parking.

Parking garages are located:

at the corner of Washington and Summers Streets (caddy-cornered from our building, on the right-hand side of Washington Street), and

at 166 Summers Street, between Lee and Quarrier Streets (turn left onto Summers, building is in the second block down).


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