The WV Family Planning Program provides comprehensive reproductive health care for low-income women, men, and adolescents by providing services and education to prevent unintended pregnancies. By encouraging individuals to make choices regarding the spacing and number of their children, and increasing the interval between births, family planning plays an integral role in efforts to reduce mortality and morbidity and to improve women's health. Prevention of unintended pregnancy has a significant and positive impact on the physical, emotional, financial, and social well-being of parents and their children.

Family Planning Program benefits extend beyond provision of contraception, educational, and preventive services. With verification of pregnancy, a Pregnancy Tracking and Referral mechanism is activated; clients are given an OBRA application, referred to the local Department of Human Services, advised of possible WIC eligibility, and given prenatal vitamins with instructions for use. Copies of the Pregnancy Tracking and Referral forms are forwarded to OMCH and entered into an automated database which makes it possible to track clients through prenatal and postpartum care.


Individuals of reproductive age with income at or below 250% of the federal poverty level are eligible for Family Planning Program services. Contracted full service provider clinics utilize a fee for service schedule and are reimbursed by the Family Planning Program according to the established medical visit rate. No client below 100% of poverty level income may be charged as a result of Title X, Public Health Service funding. Client fees are collected at 150% of the income scale and a sliding fee scale is applied, reaching full payment for the cost of medical care above 250% of poverty level income.


The Family Planning Program supports 128 health care facilities including local health departments, primary care centers, university health services, and free clinics serving displaced populations. For the majority of individuals served, these clinics are their only access to the health care system.

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