West Virginia
Bureau of Public Health


All Phone Numbers have area code 304

Healthy People 2000 Coordinator
Celeste Peggs (558-0644)

Physical Activity and Fitness
Jessica Wright (558-0644)

Denise Hemmings (558-0030)
Joyce Holmes (558-0644)

Tobacco Use
Billie Wiant (558-0644)

Alcohol and Other Drugs
Jack C. Clohan, Jr. (558-2276)

Family Planning
Anne Williams (558-5388)

Mental Health and Mental Disorders
Ted J. Johnson (558-8994)

Violent and Abusive Behavior
Penny Byrnside (558-3956)

Educational and Community-Based Programs
Sally Vicario (558-0644)
James D. Cook (558-0644)
Cathy Cleland (558-0644)

Unintentional Injuries
Penny Byrnside (558-3956)

Occupational Safety and Health
Judith Greenwood (926-5056)

Environmental Safety and Health
Joe Schock (558-2981)

Food and Drug Safety
Ronald K. Forren (558-1071)

Oral Health
Kay Medley (558-1117)

Maternal and Child Health
Diane Kopcial (558-5388)
Joan Faris (556-5388)

Heart Disease and Stroke
Jessica Wright (558-0644)

Nancye Bazzle (558-5388)
Beverly Keener (558-5358)
Billie Wiant (558-0644)

Diabetes and Chronic Disabling Conditions
Shawn H. Chillag (558-0644)

HIV Infection
Loretta Haddy (558-5358)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Loretta Haddy (558-5358)

Immunizations and Infectious Diseases
Samuel Crosby, Jr. (558-5358)

Clinical Preventive Services
Chris Gordon (558-8870)

Surveillance and Data Systems
Daniel M. Christy (558-9100)

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