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There are two resources available to women who are diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer or certain pre-cancerous conditions:
bullet West Virginia Breast and Cervical Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Fund
bullet Medicaid Treatment Act 

Diagnostic and Treatment Fund

How can I apply?

An application must be completed and submitted by the physician performing the procedure prior to the services being performed. If the provider needs an application, they may contact the WVBCCSP at 1.304.558.5388.

After the application is reviewed by the WV Department of Health and Human Resources, it will be approved or denied and sent back to the patient and the physician.

What services are covered by the Diagnostic and Treatment Fund?

bullet General anesthesia (for diagnostic breast or cervical procedures)
bullet LEEP
bullet Biopsy of excision of lesion
bullet Endocervical curettage
bullet Cryocautery
bullet Laser surgery of cervix
bullet Conization with LEEP
bullet Dilation and curettage
bullet Conization of cervix with or without repair 


bullet Only procedures listed on the Diagnostic and Treatment Fund application are covered services.
bullet Telephone approvals cannot be accepted.
bullet Patients who have insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, HMO, or are out of state residents are not eligible

Medicaid Treatment Act

How can I apply?

bullet West Virginia women can complete and obtain enrollment forms from WVBCCSP providers. These forms include a
  certificate and BCC Medicaid application.
bullet Next, mail or take these forms to the DHHR in your county of residence. In most cases, you will get an immediate
  confirmation of your application. 
bullet You must be enrolled in WVBCCSP to access this resource and you must be receiving active treatment for a
  breast or cervical condition to remain eligible for the Medicaid Treatment Act.

Note: A woman diagnosed by a provider who does not participate in the WVBCCSP may be referred to the WVBCCSP for enrollment and referral to the Medicaid Treatment Act.

What services are covered?

All needed medical services specified as a covered benefit or service by West Virginia Medicaid. If a barrier to a woman’s care is identified and is not covered by one of these resources, the Case Manager will attempt to locate additional available resources.

For more information on these services, call 1.800.642.8589 or 304.558.5388. The hearing impaired may call 304.558.3515.


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