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Body Piercing Studio Business Information


Body Piercing Technicians in West Virginia are responsible for registering with the Public Health Sanitation Division prior to doing business in West Virginia.  Technician Registrations must be renewed annually. 

The West Virginia Body Piercing Studio Business Rule 64-80, Section 9 requires that all Body Piercing Technicians attend an approved Exposure Control Training course before they can receive their Registration.  Training is valid for three years, after which time the course must be repeated.

The following are approved Exposure Control Training Programs for Body Piercing Technicians:

Body Piercing Studios are permitted in their respective county by the Local Health Departments.  In order to establish a new, or remodel an existing Body Piercing Studio you are required to submit a Plan Review Information Report to your Local Health Department. 

Piercing Technicians are required to keep records of every piercing given to every client.  A sample client information form is provided below.  Every client must also be given oral and written notification providing detailed after care instructions for the piercing.

*On-Line Application and Payment

To Complete an Online Application for New or Renewal Body Piercing Technician Certificate of Registration You will need:

     Social Security Number

     List of Body Piercing Studio(s) name, address and phone number at which you are currently working or intend to work.


In addition to the application and fee you must provide the following documents before your certificate of registration will be issued:

     A copy of Hepatitis B vaccination status:

o   A certificate of a completed vaccination

o   Laboratory evidence of immunity or

o   A signed statement of vaccination declination 

o     A copy of Exposure Control Training

Red Cross Preventing Disease Transmission

OSHA Based Bloodborne Pathogen Control

AboveTraining.com - Bloodborne Pathogen Course

Professional Body Art/Equipment Manf. Course

                         These documents can be emailed to: Donna.R.Gorbey-Michael@wv.gov

    faxed to:    304-558-1071

or mailed to:  Office of Environmental Health Services

                     Public Health Sanitation Division

                     350 Capitol Street, Room 313

                     Charleston, WV  25301- 3713

 Attn: Body Piercing Certification

Body Piercing Technician Certificate of Registration will be processed

and mailed after all required documents are received.

                  Click Here to begin Online Application

Body Piercing Studio Business Rule

Body Piercing Studio Business Forms

  • SG-49 - Application for Body Piercing Studio Permit from Local Health Department

  • SG-78 - Body Piercing Studio Business Rule

  • SG-86 - Plan Review Information Report (for new or remodeled studios)

  • SG-88 - Application for Technician Registration from State Health Department

  • SG-89 - Client Information and Notification Form (Sample)

  • SG-90 - Hepatitis B Vaccination Declination Statement

  • 68-80A - Public Notice:  Body Piercing Disclosure Statement

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Page Updated  01/15/2021