Source Water Assessment and Wellhead Protection Program

Major Elements

In general, the Source Water Assessment Programs for West Virginia consists of three major elements:

  • Delineation of SWPAs -- Area that contributes ground water or surface water to a public water supply system.
  • Identification of significant potential sources of contamination -- Locating the facilities or land uses within that area that may threaten the water quality.
  • Susceptibility analysis -- The susceptibility of the systems to contamination.

A Fact Sheet is available about the SWAP program in PDF. Information on West Virginia Water Conditions is also new and available also in PDF.

Please forward comments or questions concerning Source Water Protection and WV Code 16-1-9A to: SWAP

Bureau For Public Health
Office of Environmental Health Services
Environmental Engineering Division
Source Water Protection Program
350 Capitol Street, Room 313
Charleston, WV 25301-3713
Phone: 304-356-4298