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The Environmental Engineering Division is the primary agency designated to carry out the provisions of the federal "Safe Drinking Water Act," and for assuring that the state's 2,000 public drinking water supplies provide a reliable supply of safe drinking water to approximately 1,387,000 individuals.

Specific activities of this division include:

  • Project Review and Approval: provides about 500 technical engineering reviews each year for new or renovated systems;
  • Construction Permits: issues about 275 permits each year to construct new or renovated systems based upon engineering reviews;
  • Water Fluoridation: oversees the fluoridation process currently conducted by 335 public water systems (87% of eligible systems, serving 1,207,000 people) provides technical assistance, operator training and certification and monitoring to assure optimum fluoridation is achieved;
  • Lead/Copper/Corrosion Control: provides technical assistance to assure systems are testing for lead and copper contamination and that proper treatment is occurring.
  • Water Vending Machines: issues permits for machine installation, conducts periodic water testing and operation and establishes requirements for monitoring Cross Connection/Plumbing: provides prevention of contamination of drinking water;
  • Data Management/Compliance: reviews approximately 40,000 monitoring reports for routine testing of more than 200 specific contaminants, and assures that compliance activities are undertaken to correct violations; provides on-site technical assistance and public notices if public health is threatened;
  • Enforcement: provides for court action when needed to formally resolve violations, including about 80 Boil Water Orders placed on systems each year in cases where waterborne disease is possible;
  • Water Well Driller training and Certification: provides training, examination and certification of drillers;
  • Water system Operator Training Testing and Certification: provides training, testing and certification for public water system operators;
  • Wellhead Protection: provided technical expertise for community wellhead protection programs in area of hydro geology, geology, hydraulic characteristics, modeling and simulation;
  • Public Wastewater Systems: provides oversight for the location, design, construction and operation of large, municipal wastewater systems, including training for about 500 and certification for about 125 operators each year;
  • Engineering Services/Sanitary Surveys: provides on-site technical assistance, as requested, for any system, especially small ones that may not have access to such expertise; also provides free, complete sanitary surveys for use in planning for future improvements and in correcting deficiencies.

For a more complete description of the specific programs within the EED, please read the Organizational Information section.

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