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Federal 2010 Initiative

The West Virginia 2010 Objectives

Beginning in June 2001, the full chapers for each of the objectives will begin to be placed on the web as they are converted to web format.

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR)

Bureau for Public Health (BPH)

Coordinated by the Office of Epidemiology and Health Promotion (OEHP)

Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease - www.wvhpcd.org

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Healthy People 2010:
Prevention Map for the Future

During the decade of the 1990s, the Healthy People 2000: National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives set the stage for targeting the health status of Americans. In the same spirit, Healthy People 2010 will undertake another decade-long effort toward continuing to improve the health and lifestyles of Americans.

Thirty WV workgroups,over 300 people representing the various national health focus areas, identified, narrowed down, prioritized, and targeted West Virginia Health Priorities to be achieved by the year 2010.

The HP 2010 Objectives will set the prevention agenda for West Virginia.

Healthy People is the prevention agenda for the nation. Stemming from the 1979 Surgeon General's report on health promotion and disease prevention, it was designed to encourage a second public health revolution in the history of the United States. Let us make no mistake about the significance of this document. It represents an emerging consensus among scientists and the health community that the Nation's health strategy must be dramatically recast to emphasize the prevention of disease."

Healthy People is a strategic management tool -- for the federal government, states, communities, and many private sector partners. Success is measured by positive changes in health status or reductions in risk factors, as well as by improved provision of certain services. Healthy People gives focus and direction to these efforts.

The Healthy WV Coalition, a consortium of health delivery channels and networks, provides oversight for our WV process. Their leadership role ensures a broad public/private partnership in the development of our state objectives. Healthy People 2010 Focus Area workgroup membership consists of representation from various health channels, governmental bodies, provider/recipient groups, and private industry.

For more information about the Healthy People 2010 process in WV contact Chuck Thayer at the WV Bureau for Public Health: 304-558-0644, or e-mail:Chuck.E.Thayer@wv.gov.

For information about the National Healthy People process (from which WV Objectives will be drawn) access the national website @ http://web.health.gov/healthypeople.

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