West Virginia Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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Telephonic Communication Device Loan Program

The Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WVCDHH) is dedicated to ensuring that deaf and hard of hearing West Virginia residents have equal access to communication. Through a federal program, individuals that utilize American Sign Language can apply for a video phone free of charge. WVCDHH staff recognizes that a video phone does not meet the needs of all deaf and hard of hearing individuals, and offers alternative equipment through a loan program to meet those needs.

To Apply:

Available Devices

  • Amplified Phone - Recommended for hard of hearing.
    Speaker is significantly amplified to assist those with hearing loss. Phones also feature large display and amplified ringer and speaker phone feature.
    Currently offering: Fantstel ST-50

  • Captioned Phone - Recommended for severely hard of hearing.
    Individuals are able to speak through the handset as they normally would. Auditory messages are captioned and displayed on the unit.
    Currently offering: CapTel 840 Plus
    If you are interested in other captioned phones, please visit: http://www.captel.com/states/westvirginia

  • TTY (Teletypewriter) - Recommended for deaf/speech impaired.
    Users type their messages on a keyboard attached to the unit. Auditory messages are received visually through text.
    **Please check with the office to confirm availability of this device.