Table of Contents

Mission Statement of WVCDHH

WVCDHH Board and Ex-Officio Members

Federal, State, and Local Governmental Agencies

           Federal Laws Pertaining to Interpreting Services

           Responsibilities of State and Local Government Agencies Under Title II of the ADA

          Public Accommodations Title III

          Deaf Federal Workers: The Right to Reasonable Accommodations

          Reasonable Accommodations for Deaf Employees Under the Americans with Disabilities Act

          ADA Questions and Answers for Health Care Providers

          Obligations of Hospitals and Nursing Homes to Provide Interpreters and Auxiliary Aids for
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patients

           Legal Rights of Deaf Individuals to Effective Communication in a Mental Health Setting

          Public School Obligations to Deaf Individuals

           Obligations of State and Local Colleges and Universities to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals

          The Rights of Deaf Inmates

          Police and Law Enforcement Agency Responsibilities to Deaf Individuals

          Attorneys, Deaf Clients, and the Americans with Disabilities Act

           The Need for Auxiliary Aids at Events, Conferences or Meetings Held in Places of Public Accommodation

          Rights of Deaf Individuals in Private Housing

          The Obligations of the Hospitality Industry to Deaf and Hard of Hearing People Under the
                   Americans with Disabilities Act

          Telecommunications Title IV

          West Virginia Code 5-14

           WVCSR 192-01 Fees for Qualified Interpreters

          Interpreter Information for West Virginia Court Personnel

Interpreting Information

          Code of Professional Conduct Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

          Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA)

           Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment Pre-Registration

           Using the Interpreter List

           Interpreter List

          Interpreter Directory Form

ASL Education Directory

           ASL Teacher Directory

           Sign Language Classes

Deaf Organizations



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