Welcome to the West Virginia Women's Commission

Our Mission

wvwclogoElevating the power and potential of West Virginia women and girls.

Our Vision

All women and girls in West Virginia will thrive and have social, political and economic equality.

Our Objectives


  • Advance the economic status, health, safety, education, leadership, and advocacy of state women.
  • Develop, publish, and distribute informative and statistical data about and for the women of West Virginia.
  • Develop recommendations about and for legislation affecting women. Work with other state agencies and nonprofit groups to develop statewide educational and awareness forums.
  • Sponsor workshops that enhance the knowledge, skills, and legal rights of women.
  • Seek partnerships with government agencies, nonprofit groups, and private businesses to contribute information, expertise, volunteers, money, or other resources to the goals and work of the Commission.
  • Foster women's health and wellness including economic, education, political, and social development through advocacy, research, education, collaboration and recognition
  • Promote the empowerment and equality of all West Virginia women to ensure their full participation in society

Our Operations

The Women’s Commission focuses on projects in the broad categories of leadership, legislation, recognition, research, and education. We sponsor annual events for women and girls that teach advocacy, encourage involvement in the legislative process, and provide information on educational opportunities for women.

Annual Reports

Please click here to find the 2018 WV Women's Commission Annual Report

Please click here to find the 2017 WV Women's Commission Annual Report

Please click here to find the 2016 WV Women's Commission Annual Report