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Children of Deaf Adults (CODA)
Kids of Deaf Adults (KODA)

Hearing children born to deaf parents are often called Children of Deaf Adults (CODAs). Many of these hearing children grow up in a deaf-culture environment. Their first language is usually American Sign Language. They learn to sign first before learn how to speak. Typically, the CODAs are destined into service as interpreters for their parents, even when they were young children. CODAs are frequently seen at deaf events or activities. They are involved in two cultures, Deaf and hearing. Kids of Deaf Adults (KODAs) are similar to CODAs, but the difference is the age. KODAs are the hearing children of deaf adults that are under eighteen years old.

Resources for Deaf Parents with Hearing Children
CODA: Children of Deaf Adults International
KODA Camp- Ohio

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