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West Virginia Commission for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

June 26, 2003

Capitol Complex, Building 7, Room B

Commission Members Present:

Dr. Abraham
Dee Braley
J.D. Corbin
Doug Godfrey
Jim Harrison
Barbara King
Pat Moss
Delores Pyles
Pierre Sevigny
Dr. James T. Spencer
Mike Sullivan
Gary Vandevander
Commission Members Absent:

Jennifer Burgess
Shana Phares
Pam Rousch

Lisa Amoroso
Veronda Harrison
Roy Pyles
Donna Williams


Emily Hopta, Secretary’s Office
Kara Russell, Commission Office
Chris Ferguson, Commission Office


I. Welcome

Doug Godfrey called the meeting to order at 1:39 p.m.

II. Approval of the Minutes

Gary Vandevander moved that the minutes be approved as read, with the amendment of correcting the typed order of the minutes. Pierre Sevigny seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved as amended.

III. BayFirst

Emily Hopta reported that a settlement for services had been reached between BayFirst and DHHR, pending approval of the board. Dee Braley moved the board accept the terms of the settlement, pending receipt of a signed statement of the agreement from BayFirst legal counsel. Barbara King seconded. The vote was unanimous.

III. WVAD Conference

Donna M. Williams, secretary for the West Virginia Association for the Deaf, presented the board with sponsorship information on the upcoming August conference. Dee Braley moved the board sponsor the conference with a monetary donation of $3000. Pat Moss seconded and the vote was unanimous.

IV. Executive Session

Jimmy Harrison moved the board adjourn to Executive Session. Pierre Sevigny seconded. The vote was unanimous and visitors were excused at 3:05 p.m.

At 3:45 p.m., Jimmy moved the Commission adjourn from executive session. Pierre seconded and the vote was unanimous.

V. Review of Interview Process

Dee Braley moved that upon receipt and review of references, Doug Godfrey make an offer of employment for the position of Executive Director. J.D. Corbin seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. A personnel committee was formed in preparation for hiring new staff. Board members Dee Braley, Doug Godfrey, Emily Hopta, Barbara King and Pat Moss will serve on this committee.

VI. Discussion and Announcements

RID - Kara and Doug (or new Executive Director) will attend the RID meeting in Chicago at the end of July.

DMV - The Department of Motor Vehicles has been putting "DM" on drivers licenses of deaf adults who opt for special license designation. "DM" is the code for diabetic. The DMV will use an ear to designate licenses of deaf adults, if requested by the license holder.

Board Terms - Dee Braley moved that a committee research the code to determine appointments and present the board with a recommendation of how to fill and recruit for empty board positions. Jimmy Harrison seconded and the vote was unanimous. Dee Braley, Emily Hopta, Barbara King and Pat Moss volunteered to sit on the committee. Emily Hopta will contact the Governor’s Office to review the terms of appointed board members. Barbara King will work on an online application for board membership.

State Fair - Emily Hopta will ask the DHHR State Fair coordinator if there is a day available for the Commission to exhibit at the DHHR booth.

DeafTalk - Gary Vandevander expressed interest in measuring and possibly increasing the use of DeafTalk interpreting in West Virginia hospitals. Dee Braley moved that the issue be tabled until the Commission hires a new Executive Director. Pierre Sevigny seconded and the voted was unanimous.

Mission Statement - Pat Moss suggested the board revise the mission statement and will present to members at the August meeting.

Board Membership - Jimmy Harrison announced he will continue to serve on the board.

VII. Adjournment

Pierre moved that the meeting be adjourned and Jimmy seconded. The vote passed unanimously and the meeting concluded at 3:54 p.m. The next Commission meeting will be held on August 14, 2003 at the Capitol Complex.


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