West Virginia Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Board Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2002


Members Present:
Jimmy Harrison
     Delores Pyles
     Pierre Sevigny
     Shana Phares
     Pat Moss
     Barbara King
     Barbara King
     Pam Roush
     Dr. James Spencer
     Doug Godfrey
     J.D. Corbin
     Dr. Dee Bodkins
     Dr. Mike Sullivan
Charity Reedy Hines
     Alex Young
     Kara Russell
     Dolly Ford (Interpreter)
     April Starks (Interpreter)


     Alice Kennedy
     Gary Vandevander
     Dr. Charles Abraham
     Jennifer Burgess

I.  Welcome

The meeting was called to order at 1:13 p.m.. All were welcomed to the meeting.

II. Reading of the Minutes

Minutes from the March 28, 2002 meeting were read. It was called to the boardís attention, that the date on the minutes was 2001 and needed to be changed to 2002, also the minutes did not state when the board went into Executive Session. This will be brought to Terriís attention and the minutes will be changed. Changed minutes will be approved at the next board meeting.

III. Old Business

Advisory Committee issue was not addressed at this meeting.

IV. New Business

Shana Phares requested from the board members names of nominees for various state boards such as Hearing Aid Dealers (needed lay members and physicians) and the Speech Pathologist/Audiologist Board.

Barbara King gave an update on the Stakeholders of Interpreter Services meeting. They talked about capacity need and credentialing. The meeting focused on Commissions, Fairmont State College interpreting system / program, Department of Education and the Court System. The primary purpose is to get a statewide uniform definition of "qualified interpreter."

Agency and state differences across the country are a problem, even the Americans with Disability Act lacks specificity. We need a committee to come as lead of this stakeholder group. Kentucky has tackled the above issue and a draft of their work is cited in Attachment A. Mississippi Department of Education has been asked by West Virginia to support interpreter credentialing, especially for educational interpreters.

V. Interpreter Coordinator Report

The third annual interpreter conference scheduled for Flatwoods in July has 28 people registered. Enrollment decrease is attributed to the late July date. This workshop includes teaching/instructional strategies for math, science, ECT. , to children who are deaf. The Department of Education is the sponsor of this event. Dr. Bodkins encouraged everyone to proceed with the conference regardless of enrollment. CEUís and workshop hours are available.

National Association of the Deaf brought in a professional training/trainer from California. This will give West Virginia NAD trainers to administer tests which will increase the number of interpreters who are certified. Six people were certified. The next testing will be in June.

WVCDHH has received $20K from Maternal and Child Health. $10K will be used for interpreter training and $5K for CODA (Children of Deaf Adults) training to assist family awareness and promote individual growth for children of deaf parents. Some of this money will help to embellish the video library at the Commission.

The $4K grant from Gallaudet University has been approved.

Communication Access Directory is to be distributed by July 1, 2002. We will distribute the directory to Counselors at Vocational Rehabilitation, Deaf population, Interpreters and Teacher of the Deaf, others can access the directory through our website.

VI. Deputy Directorís Report

Alex will be working part-time and using annual leave to finish school this summer. Discussion followed, questioning why he chose to take this course of action in light of the boardís recommendation at the last meeting to allow him administrative leave with expectations for a pay back in time to the commission. The board agreed that use of annual leave was his choice, with his assurance that work with the Task Force would not be negatively affected during this time.

The telephonic device report was shared. Currently 115 ttys are on loan. Discussion followed regarding the need to inventory these items, and to enforce the policy of returning items on loan when no longer needed by designated recipient. Alex also advised the board that we have had many senior citizen requests for the amplified phones and more equipment needs to be ordered to meet the demands.

The summer newsletter will be out shortly.

Purchase Order, signed contract, ECT. , has been sent to Charleston for the Task Force. We are moving forward to have the money encumbered. Our idea is getting the consultant here as soon as possible.

VII. Executive Directorís Report

Charity went over a draft of the annual report with the board. Suggestions were made to reduce the data into smaller charts, to reduce the total number of pages for reports.

Commission Program Review, recognized by all government agencies is due in the Governorís Office June 1. Suggestions for the report to the Legislature needs some work, Dee is editing and a suggestion was made for the Commissioner to develop tables from page 11 to the conclusion of the document.

Danny Woolcock says the balance in our financial report through 4/30/02 is 68,000 plus or minus. Charity thinks the account has 87,000. A summary sheet of outstanding expenses is a good way for us to keep track.

DHHR Leadership meeting scheduled for 8/2003, is trying to identify legislative needs across the entire department.

Charityís evaluation is due again on September 5. That will also be our next board meeting.

Doug Godfrey was elected Chair of the Board. This will become effective July 1, 2002.


The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.


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