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West Virginia Commission
for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

May 11, 2006

Capitol Complex
Building 6, Room 819-B
Charleston, West Virginia

Commission Members Present:  Commission Members Absent:   Visitors:

Doug Godfrey  
Gary Vandevander
John Knisely
Jennifer Burgess
Annette Carey
Barbara King
Pam Roush
Dr. Michael Sullivan 
J.D. Corbin

Pierre Sevigny
r. Charles Abraham
Melinda Siler
Molly Simonton
Emily Hopta
Pat Moss    


April Hottle
Liz Leisure
Linda Phillips
Doug Evans
Mike Leisure


Deanna Stone, Executive Director 
Roy Forman, Deputy Director
Kari Preslar, Secretary 


Teresa McGonigle
Dolly Ford


I. Call to Order and Introductions

Doug Godfrey called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m.

II. Appointments to the Board

Doug reported that the appointments have been received from the Governor. 


                        Dr. Charles Abraham, term ending June 30, 2008

                        Charles “Doug” Godfrey, term ending June 30, 2008

                        John Knisely, term ending June 30, 2008

                        Pierre Sevigny, term ending June 30, 2008

            New appointees:

                        George Martin “Marty” Blakely, term ending June 30, 2007

                        Jim Ennis, term ending June 30, 2008

III. Election of the Chair

John Knisely made the motion to elect Doug Godfrey the chair of the board, Annette Carey seconded.  Motion approved.

IV. Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the February 9, 2006 meeting were reviewed.  A motion to approve the minutes as read was given by Gary Vandevander.  Barbara King seconded.  Motion approved.

V. Executive Director’s Report

A written report was reviewed by the board members.

Old Business

VI. Legislative Update

Deanna reported that HB 4510, which removed the provision for the census and made corrections to the board terms of office, was approved by the Legislature and signed by Governor Manchin.  The census will still be collected but on a voluntary basis. 

The West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and Blind’s Mountaineer Melodies and Tapestry groups performed for the House of Delegates.  House Speaker Bob Kiss presented the House of Delegates Honorary Medallion and a House Citation to the groups.  The Honorary Medallion has only been presented twice before.

VII. Deaf Tech Fair 2006

Deaf Tech Fair will take place at the Charleston Civic Center on May 20, 2006.  Doors will open at 9:30 a.m. and will close at 4:00 p.m.  There are 14-15 exhibitors expected to attend.  There will also be a variety of workshops and a children’s activity center.

VIII. Summer Conferences

Deanna reported on the conferences that she and Roy Forman will be attending.  Roy will be attending the RID Region II conference, June 29-July 1 in Herndon, Virginia and the RID Region I conference, July 21-23 in Providence, Rhode Island.  Deanna will be attending a meeting of the State Associations on June 27 and the NAD conference June 29-July 3 both in Palm Springs, California.

IX. Service Personnel at the WVSD

J.D. Corbin gave a follow-up report on a concern that was raised at the February meeting regarding a lack of deaf or hard of hearing child care workers at the School for the Deaf.  After researching the matter, JD reported that 181 tests have been administered and 157 of those passed.  Of those applicants, five people were deaf.  Two people passed the test and two people failed while one person could not be hired due to other issues.  The child care position at the WVSD is unique.  The test was created by the school and is approved per state code.  It is a basic skills test.

New Business

X. Fall Trainings

Deanna reported that the trainings next year will focus on topics that will help interpreters pass the EIPA test.  “Understanding the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment System: Why interpreting for children is not the same as interpreting for adults” will be presented on September 8-9, 2006 by Frances Beaurivage, CI/CT, from Boys Town National Research Hospital.  It will be held at the Charleston Civic Center.

XI. State Fair

WVCDHH will not be participating in the State Fair this year since DHHR has decided not to participate.

XII. Retreat Planning

Dolly Ford is the facilitator for the Board retreat on August 10-11, 2006 at John XXIII Pastoral Center in Charleston.  The following topics are possible for discussion:

1)      Interpreting issues:

a)      ADA compliance with regard to interpreting (who is responsible for contracting? who pays?, etc.)

b)      Interpreter competency – what can we do to improve skills

c)      How can technology help as a band-aid until interpreters are more skilled

d)      Interpreter shortage

2)      What do we need to do to support WVCDHH within our specialties?

3)      Telecommunication issues

a)      funding

b)      future of TTYs

c)      rural WV where there is a lack of technology capabilities

4)      Can we advocate for low-income hearing aid assistance?

5)      How can we educate and do outreach with senior citizens and/or the rural population?

6)      ASL as a foreign language – who will teach? How are qualifications determined?

7)      Develop a needs assessment survey to go to the deaf and hard of hearing population.

8)      Safety issues especially when dealing with law enforcement

9)      Parents of Deaf/Hard of Hearing children and their rights and responsibilities.

Retreat Planning Committee:  Doug Godfrey, Annette Carey, Barbara King, J.D. Corbin, Deanna Stone, Dolly Ford.

XIII. West Virginia Department of Education Standards for Educational Interpreters

Annette Carey shared with the board some of the proposals that the Department of Education are reviewing in their board meeting.

XIV. ASL as a Foreign Language

Annette Carey reported on the committee that has been working on developing West Virginia content standards and objectives for ASL as a foreign language.  They hope to have the content standards and objectives for middle school and high schools approved sometime this summer.

Public Comments

Doug Evans, President of West Virginia Association of the Deaf, spoke.  He said the WVAD board is supportive of the WVCDHH board and he wants the two groups to work together.

Annette Carey made the motion to adjourn and Gary Vandevander seconded.  The motion was approved.  The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.


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