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WV Women's Right To Know Act - Annual Report 2021
Printable English Version - PDF File

Printable Women's Right To Know Booklet
Printable English Version - PDF File

Printable Women's Right To Know Booklet
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During the 2002 session, the West Virginia Legislature passed the Women's Right to Know Act (Senate Bill 170). The Women's Right To Know Law requires that physicians and their agents provide pregnant women with information concerning pregnancy and prenatal care, abortion, the risks of abortion, fetal development, alternatives to abortion, and other information.

Click here to view Senate Bill No. 170

Under this law:

  • A doctor who is to perform an abortion (or the doctor's agent) must tell the woman that benefits may be available to help with medical care before, during, and after childbirth.

  • The father is required to help support the child whether or not he has offered to pay for an abortion.

  • The woman has the right to look at printed information. If she chooses to see the material the law describes, the doctor (or the doctor's agent) shall give her a copy at least 24 hours before the abortion is scheduled. The doctor (or agent) may instead mail her the materials, with delivery restricted to her, at least 72 hours before the abortion is scheduled.

The doctor (or agent) is not required to give her the material if she signs a statement that she chooses to look at the material on this web site.

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