64-7-1. General.

1.1. Scope -- This legislative rule establishes procedures governing the reporting of certain diseases and conditions, unusual health events, and clusters or outbreaks of diseases to the division of health. It also establishes the responsibility of various individuals and facilities in controlling communicable diseases.

1.2. Authority. -- W. Va. Code 16-3-1 and 16-1-7; related 16-3C-1 et seq. and 16-4-1 et seq.

1.3. Filing Date. -- April 29, 1999.

1.4. Effective Date. -- July 1, 1999.

1.5. Repeal and Replacement of Former Rule - This rule repeals and replaces West Virginia Division of Health Legislative Rule, Reportable Diseases, 64 CSR 7, effective March 24, 1994.

1.6. Applicability. -- This rule applies to physicians and other licensed health practitioners; local health officers; other public health providers; private or public laboratories; all health care facilities; the division; health care professional licensing boards and agencies; any individual administering immunizations; administrators of schools, camps, and vessels; administrators of health care facilities operated by the department; the State registrar of vital statistics; county humane officers, dog wardens, sheriffs, pathologists, coroners, and medical examiners; and any other person investigating or treating disease, health conditions, or cause of death.

1.7. Enforcement. -- This rule is enforced by the director of the West Virginia division of


health or his or her lawful designee.

64-7-2. Definitions.

2.1. Communicable Disease _ A disease caused by an infectious agent or its toxic products, which is transmitted, directly or indirectly, to a susceptible host from an infected person, animal, arthropod, environmental exposure or other source.

2.2. Department _ The department of health and human resources.

2.3. Director - The director of the division of health of the West Virginia department of health and human resources or his or her designee.

2.4. Division - The division of health of the West Virginia department of health and human resources.

2.5. Epidemiologic Information - Medical data or other information, interviews, investigative reports, other records and notes collected during the course of an epidemiologic investigation of a disease, condition, or outbreak.

2.6. Health care provider - Any physician, dentist, nurse, or other individual who provides

The Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) was created by the Legislature's reorganization of the executive branch of State government in 1989, and the Department of Health was renamed the Division of Health and made a part of the DHHR (W. Va. Code 5F-1-1 et seq.). Administratively within the DHHR, the Bureau for Public Health through its Commissioner carries out the public health functions of the Division of Health.