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Hey kids.... take a deep breath. Now let the air out. Was that easy or hard? For most of us breathing is easy, but for some children breathing can be hard to do.

Many children have asthma, and that can make it harder for children to breathe. Children who have asthma are born with it. Asthma is not something you can "catch" from someone else.

Certain things make asthma worse and make it hard to breathe. Like pets with fur or feathers, cigarette smoke, cold and flu, playing hard and allergies.

The indoor air quality inside homes and schools can make it hard for someone with asthma to breathe. Talk to your parents and teachers about asthma and indoor air quality. Tell them what you have learned today.

Lead can affect anyone, but children ages 6 and younger face higher risks.  This is because the bodies of children at this age are developing more quickly.

Lead can make young children very sick.  It is important to learn how to prevent lead poisoning.  These tips can help you stay safe and healthy.

☻ Don't put things other than food in your mouth.

☻ Play in grassy areas.  Do not play in dirt.

☻ Wash your hands often and always before eating.

☻ Make sure your parents wash your toys.

☻ Eat healthy foods, avoid too many fried or fatty foods.

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