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Training Materials Library


May 2002 Flood Information - pictures taken by PHS staff during the flood.

Available RS Exam Study Materials

West Virginia Board of Sanitarians - Study materials available at each Public Health Sanitation Division District Office

  • Study Materials available:

    REHS/RS Study Guide (Third Edition)

     Handbook of Environmental Health, Vol 1 (Fourth Edition)

     Handbook of Environmental Health, Vol 2 (Fourth Edition)

     Environmental Engineering, EH & Safety (Sixth Edition)

     Environmental Engineering, Water & Wastewater (Sixth Edition)

     Environmental Engineering, Prevention & Response (Sixth Edition)


  • PES Study Material Borrowing Agreement




  • Public Health Foundation Study Materials
  • This is an external link to the non-profit Public Health Foundation. 
    The study materials are the text for a self-study correspondence course. 
    The study materials reference the following books:

  • Salvato, J. A, Jr., Environmental Engineering and Sanitation, 4th ed. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1992, ISBN: 0-471-52377-1

    Note: this book has be revised and its name has been changed.  Salvato, J. A., N. L. Nemerow, and F. J. Agardy, Environmental Engineering, 5th ed.  New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2003, ISBN: 0-471-41813-7


  • Salvato, J. A. and J. E. Beck, Environmental Engineering and Sanitation: 1994 Supplement - New Tools for the Environmental Engineer/Specialist. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1994, ISBN O-471-06396-7

An internet search for these books will yield a variety of choices.


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