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The West Virginia On-Site Sewage program provides rule interpretation and technical assistance on conventional and non-conventional on-site sewage systems.  Conventional systems include gravel and pipe, gravel-less pipe, and chamber systems.

Non-conventional systems include home aeration systems, low pressure dosing systems, holding tanks and recirculating sand filters.  These alternative systems are used when a conventional system has failed and cannot be repaired by conventional means, or when soil conditions are extremely poor.  Alternative systems may be considered for new construction only if the lot is two acres or larger in size.

The on-site sewage program also issues permits for residential waste water systems with surface water discharge which are 600 gallons/day or less and which qualify for a West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection N.P.D.E.S. permit.

On-Site Sewage Installers




Installer Training and Certification

Click here for information on Procedures for Certification of Individual Sewer System Installers

The division certifies Individual Sewage System Installers.  Approximately fifteen-hundred (1,500) Class I and Class II Installers have been trained and maintain their certification in West Virginia. been trained and maintain their certification in West Virginia.

An annual training class is offered for Class I and II Installers before the certification tests are administered.  These certifications are valid for five years.  Click here for Please send us your E-mail address!  Send to: Dona.C.Hall@wv.gov

The installer's examination will only be administered at the Central and District offices. 

Only the homeowner's exam will be administered at the local health departments. 


Sewage Training Available: Click here for information on the  HAU Maintenance Provider trainings


Sewage Holding Tank Application Information

The Office of Environmental Health Services issues Sewage Holding Tank permits.  The permit for a Sewage Holding Tank is for the period of six (6) months. The applicant must make application for renewal at the end of the 6 month period.  A permit fee is required with each application and each renewal application. 

Sewage Holding Tank Application Package

Completed Application and Permit Fee must be submitted to:

Office of Environmental Services

Public Health Sanitation Division

350 Capital Street, Room 313

Charleston, WV  25301-3713

For Questions: email Rick.A.Hertges@wv.gov or call 304-356-4340

HAU Permit Fees  

The Office of Environmental Health Services (OEHS)  generates fees based on Legislative Rule 64CSR51 “Fees for Services”. All fees charged  by OEHS are listed in Appendix B of the Rule.

During the 2010 Legislative Session, the West Virginia  Legislature approved the permit fee for Onsite Innovative/Alternative Type Sewage Systems. This permit fee is only for systems submitted and reviewed  by the Public Health Sanitation Division. The new Fee schedule is a follows:  

  • Correcting Failure : $250.00

  • New Construction: $400.00

These fees were effective July 1, 2010.  A copy of the Rule can be found at the following website: 64 CSR 51 Fees for Service Rule

The WV Department of Environmental Protection maintains a list of approved HAU Maintenance Providers

On-Site Sewage System Loan Program

West Virginia Housing has an Onsite System Loan Program for property owners.
Click here for contact information:  WV Housing Development Fund On-Site System Loan Program

USDA Rural Development Program Information:

West Virginia Sewage Advisory Board - Click here for more information

Sewage Rules

On-Site Sewage Systems Excerpt from the Design Standards:

Sewage Forms

HAU or Surface Discharge Systems

WV Department of Environmental Protection requires that all applications for HAU's or other surface discharge systems be submitted electronically. Click here for information

Septic System Installers

Septic System Installers

Septic Tank Manufacturers and/or Distributors

  • Approved Septic Tank Manufacturers and Distributors List - Updated List Coming Soon!

Sewage Tank Cleaners

64 CSR 9 Sewage System Regulations - Excerpts related to Sewage Tank Cleaning

64 CSR 47 Sewage Treatment and Collection Design Standards - Excerpts related to Sewage Tank Cleaning

WW-22 Chlorinated Lime/Hydrated Lime Procedure

For Information on proper disposal methods contact the West Virginia Departmental of Environmental Protection - Click here for disposal information.

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