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Environmental Health Procedures Manual




Procedure Number
M-1 Finished Milk And Milk Samples:  Collection, Packaging, Laboratory History Forms, Enforcement 02/24/1978
M-2 Finished Milk And Milk Samples:  Sample Collection Points, Sample Receipt Forms and Lab History Forms 07/05/1979
M-3 Enforcement Procedure For Somatic Cell Count & Bacteria Count In Raw Milk Intended for Grade "A" Use 07/01/1993
M-4 New Enforcement Procedures And Policy Relating To Antibiotics And Other Inhibiting Substances In Pasteurized Milk And Milk Products
M-5 Sampling Technique New Procedure as Applicable to New Vacutainer 09/17/1980
M-6 REPEALED:  Enforcement Policy Relating to Positive Antibiotics (Beta Lactum Residues) and Other Inhibiting Substances in Raw Milk and in Pasteurized Milk and Milk Products
See Appendix N of the
Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance
M-7 Interpretation of Milk Regulations - PMO Item 9r 03/24/1981
M-8 REPEALED:  Approval of Milk Industry Certified Laboratories for ReCheck Sampling of Producer Dairies Suspended for Positive Antibiotics (Inhibiting Substances) 12/12/07
M-9 "Store" Milk Samples Unofficial and Cannot Be Used for Bacteriological Enforcement 09/26/1990
M-10 Use, Storage and Labeling of Animal Drugs on the Dairy Farm 04/05/1990
M-11 Water Hauling in Bulk Milk Tanker Trucks 04/02/1990
M-12 High Temperatures Short Time Pasteurization Equipment Testing 02/28/1990
M-13 Raw Milk Booster Pump Installation 07/01/1991
M-14 Farm Bulk Milk Tank Agitation 05/18/1992
M-15 Milk Distribution Stations Inspections 05/18/1992
M-16 REPEALED:  Drug Residue Enforcement and Monitoring Program for Grade "A" Raw Milk
Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance
M-17 Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk Rule, 64 CSR 34 12/29/1992
M-18 Ice Cream and Frozen Milk Rule, 64 CSR 28 12/29/1992
M-19 Required Levels of Vitamin A and D in Milk and Milk Products 04/27/1993
M-20 Pasteurization Plant, Single Service Manufacturer, Raw Milk Bulk Tank Unit, and Tanker Truck Wash Station Identification Numbers 10/9/09


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