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Environmental Health Procedures Manual


Disease Control


Procedure Number
DC-1 Environmental Epidemiology 01/05/83
DC-2 Criteria for Acceptance of Automatic Vaporizing Devices Dispensing Insecticides
DC-3 Use of DDVP - Vapona Insecticide Resin Strips 07/10/86
DC-4 Rabies Control Guide 01/24/12
DC-5 Investigation of Public Health Related Complaints 02/05/87
DC-6 Tattoo Studios 01/29/03
DC-7 Protocol for Handling of Wild Animals Suspected of Being Rabid 06/2010
DC-8 Body Piercing Studio Business Rule 06/28/05
DC-9 Use of Pre-Sterilized Needles, Tubes, and Instruments in Tattoo Studios 06/22/06
DC-10 Autoclave Requirements in Body Piercing Studios 06/22/06
DC-11 Risk Factors Associated with Tattoos 04/05/10
DC-12 Microdermal Piercing 11/30/11
DC-13 Temporary-Mobile Tattoo Studios 12/1/11
DC-14 Infectious Medical Waste Manifest Retention and Location 6/12/17


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